The idea to do this trip popped into my head late last summer 2018. It had been a month since returning from my ski trip in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Just enough time to let the cold temperatures, high winds, and avalanche risks become type 2 fond memories I started to plan this next trip. I have always wanted to ski all of the Colorado 14er’s in the footsteps of Lou Dawson and Chris Davenport and through cycling, I have become extremely inspired by self-powered and self-supported adventuring.


Initially, I wanted to do a completely self-supported trip in the style of Justin Simoni’s and Joe Grants Tour de 14er’s trips. However, with the added risks associated with snow stability, this would require a least one other partner who had the skiing, cycling, and sufferfest experience. Not to mention the three months plus the commitment to something that might not even be possible. I soon exhausted a short list of potential partners and decided that I could not do the trip fully self-supported. Instead, I opened it up to anyone who wanted to join along. This also allowed me to utilize others as places to stay and get a hot shower which would be a serious financial burden for a trip of this duration.

I will be carrying everything I need for the trip on my bike but will be relying on others to join and ski with me. I will resupply along the way and ski partners will bring specific group equipment that will be necessary for a few of the peaks.

 I will be self-filming and photographing when I can and hope to update my website and Facebook page as often as possible.

My dream is to make these self-powered trips the epitome of adventure. My goal through this trip is to show people that despite what films portray you don’t need to go far to get lost.

A big thanks to my sponsors Kastle Skis, Camp-USA, and Arc’teryx Denver and to the brands contributing to this trip Clif Bar, SRAM and Zipp components, Surly Bikes, Light and Motion, Ortlieb Bike Bags, BentGate Mountaineering, Golden Bike Shop.

Shout out to Matt Hammett for the last-minute bike build, Justin Simoni for the inspiration and Beta, and my film/photo team Ryan Riggins, Colin Rex, and Marc and Brenda Bergreen!


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