Blast Off



VOL. 3

I have often dreamt of this moment, the feeling of the crisp morning air nipping at my exposed skin as I migrate from the comfort of my warm apartment in Denver to embark on this trip that has occupied every waking moment of my conscious and subconscious over the last six months.

I have balanced life as a 9-5 working professional during the days and in the evenings morphed to a dreamer spending countless solitary hours pouring over maps, drafting emails and questioning the potential of what I have set out to do. These tasks, often monotonous, have over time propelled me towards my goal of riding my bike to every 14er in Colorado and descending their flanks on my skis. Now all that is left is to pedal towards my future for the next 3 months and know that what lies ahead is going to test me mentally and physically and it’s this form of challenge that, ultimately, will be the greatest reward.

Of course, I aim to succeed at my objective, but trips like this have more variables than are possible to account for. Ultimately mother nature will have the last say and it is my job to listen to her and balance my goal with sound decision making to stay safe.

As I put on my shoes for the first time, mount my bike and feel the weight of my worldly possessions for the foreseeable future, all the external pressures dissolve into the background my heart rate spikes and I feel a cocktail of excitement, anxiety and anticipation wash over me and i’m off…...

Thank you to everyone who has helped support this project and I couldn’t be more excited to—finally—pedal to my potential.

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Sterling Out