Meet the Team


Tour de 14’ers is supported by a talented group of photographers and cinematographers working tirelessly to capture, produce, and share this adventure.

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Sterling Boin


Sterling Boin is a photographer, skier, climber, and an avid competitive cyclist. Sterling’s athletic skill and knowledge of the mountains allows him to capture dramatic action shots, in steeper, secluded and more elevated, no-fall-zone type terrain. With an editorial and photojournalist background and a marketer’s creativity, Sterling’s photography often captures the action of skiing within the vastness of the natural landscape. Sterling holds self-powered trips as the epitome of adventure and the highest level of outdoor recreation. His goal through this trip is to show people that despite what adventure films portray you don’t need to go far to get lost.


Ryan Riggins


Ryan is a Photographer, Cinematographer, Climber and Skier who has been steeped in the creative and expeditionary arts from a young age. Having completed projects with brands and individuals such as: Tasc Performance, ZEAL Optics, Outdoor Project, Citizen Watch, WW, and Eric Larsen—his work reflects his prowess not only behind the lens but in the mountains as well. A recovering mountain guide, his technical skills provide him the ability to capture content in some of the most inhospitable locations on earth. 


Marc Bergreen


Marc Bergreen is an explorer and photographer based in Evergreen, Colorado who is passionate about human powered sports. From a young age, Marc was captivated by everything in the natural world from the smallest wildflower to the tallest peak. Growing up while exploring the Sierras led Marc to build a life around documenting and protecting the places he loves to play. 


Brenda Bergreen


Brenda Bergreen is an adventure and wedding photographer that specializes in capturing people in nature. She lives in Evergreen, Colorado with her husband Marc and their two children. A desire to share the places that inspire her with the community that supports her, led to the mission: "love. adventurously."

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Colin Rex


Colin Rex is a landscape and adventure photographer/filmmaker currently based in Denver, Colorado. Colin uses his camera to document man's humble place within nature, working largely with negative space to demonstrate the starkness of the landscapes he visits. Recent projects include photo and video work for clients including Arc’teryx, Google, Gore-Tex, The Rainforest Alliance, and Raleigh Denim, along with backcountry exploration in 56 national parks around the world.